How Taking Cold Showers Changed My Life

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To all of you, the temperature of your shower may seem irrelevant, but trust me it can change your life. Not only that you feel better, but it can make you so much more productive and healthier.

At first, it may feel unpleasant and that is ok because the result will actually shock you. First, I will tell you about all the positive things that taking cold showers does to your health. By taking cold showers, you improve your blood circulation which has some benefits. Improving your blood circulation means that blood will flow through your body faster and it will bring more oxygen to all parts of your organism which speeds your muscle recovery a lot.

Cold showers also improve your skin and hair glow. For me personally that wasn’t important but for some of you it might be. It is also good for itchy skin because it tightens your skin.

And now I will tell you about how taking cold showers in the morning helped me in life. Every morning when I woke up I took a cold shower for 5 minutes and the result was incredible. I was so much more productive and had so much more energy to start a day with. Also it made me so much more awakened and I didn’t rely on coffe anymore.

To conclude this short story, I think that by making such a little change in your life, you can bring it to a higher level. For me bringing cold showers in the morning was necessary. Try it yourself!

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I am just starting with writing and I hope you will like my stories :)

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Luka Pecek

Luka Pecek

I am just starting with writing and I hope you will like my stories :)

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